Gottesdiener Law Firm is one of the country's premier plaintiffs' pension class action law firms, representing current and former employees in lawsuits brought under ERISA the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, the federal law protecting the rights of current and former employees in their company's employee benefit plans.

Over the past 15 years, GLF, headed by trial lawyer and ERISA class action specialist Eli Gottesdiener, has successfully prosecuted cases against some of the largest pension and 401(k) plans in the country and recovered many millions of dollars for the affected participants. The Firm has brought a number of innovative, precedent-setting cases, including one that The New York Times said was potentially "one of the most significant brought in the 25 years since Congress enacted the [ERISA statute]."

“[The class] should take . . . no small amount of satisfaction in the quality of the representation that [it] received.” “[T]he . . . representation here by plaintiffs’ counsel was outstanding.” -- Chief Judge William M. Conley, Johnson v. Meriter Health Serv. Employee Retirement Plan, 10-cv-00426-wmc (W.D. Wis.).

“Plaintiffs selected remarkable, talented . . . counsel . . . practicing at a level that few attain.” -- Judge Sandra S. Beckwith, Moody v. The Turner Corp., 07-cv-00692 (S.D. Ohio).

Among the Firm’s current cases are actions against Foot Locker, Inc., PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLC, and Bank of America.  Past successes include cases brought on behalf of Enron, New York Life Insurance Co. and AT&T employees.  The Firm welcomes inquiries about its practice or particular cases.

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